Girls High Performance Camp
Week 1

July 18th-22nd, 2022
Nykoping, Sweden
Birth Years

Girls High Performance Camp Week 2

July 25th-29th, 2022
Nykoping, Sweden
Birth Years

Girls High Performance Camp 2 Full Weeks

July 18th-29th, 2022
Nykoping, Sweden
Birth Years

Truly World Class

Players from around the world come to develop the skills, competitive framework and game sense under the instruction of national level coaches, skills experts, current college coaches and more.

Girls High Performance Camp Week 1

Week 1
July 18th-22nd, 2022



  • 3+ hours on-ice per day
  • 2+ hours strength, agility, quickness conditioning off-ice.
  • Elite Goaltender instructor
  • 3 meals a day for every full day
  • Snacks 
  • Seminars and Hockey Theory
  • Recruiting Seminar
  • High-quality jersey with clear numbering
  • Professional Skills instructors and College Coaches

Girls High Performance Camp Week 2

Week 2
July 25th-29th, 2022



Girls High Performance Camp 2 Full Weeks

2 Full Weeks
July 18th-29th, 2022



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2022 College and University Coaches interested in attending

The following coaches expressed interest in attending the High-Performance Camp in Nykoping Sweden. Click on the coaches’ names for their program information. Stay tuned for coach confirmations as they become available.

St. Lawrence University
Suffolk University
Stonehill College
Power Skating & Advanced Skills Instructor
Long Island University - Brooklyn
Serbian National Team Technical Director
St. Cloud State
Dartmouth College
Lindenwood University
Trinity College
Brown University
Hvidovre U20 Elite; CHS Skills Instructor
University of Vermont
Bemidji State
Cornell University
Arcadia University

Our Awesome Counselors

University of Vermont;Austrian National Team
Cornell University 2015-2018; Hungarian National Team
Yale University,Slovenian National Team
Dartmouth College; Hungarian National Team
Minnesota State University '19,ERC Ingolstadt
Bowdoin College

More Information


The Camp returns to Rosevalla in Nykoping, Sweden. Rosevalla is only 15 minutes from the airport in Nykoping and 75 minutes from Stockholm. The facilities is second to none when it comes to a professional training facility. The complex has two large rinks, seminar facilities, indoor track and large grounds for outdoor training. It also host large sleeping quarters for all our campers.

Address: Rosvalla, Idrottsvägen 1, 611 62 Nyköping, Sweden
Phone: +46 155 24 89 00

Frequently Asked Questions

If you arriving by air, you should plan to fly into either Stockholm Airport or Nykoping Airport on Sunday July 17th, 2022 for Registration. We will open registration at 3:00 PM on Sunday. This is also the case for those arriving solely for Week 2 they would arrive Sunday Afternoon July 24th, 2022.

If parents are accompanying players, we recommend renting a car at Stockholm Airport and driving to Nykoping.

The High Performance Camp registration is on Sunday July 17th at 3PM. If you are staying for two weeks, the camp will end at 12:00 on Friday July 29th, 2022. If you are attending for one week the camp will end on Friday July 22nd at 12:00 PM (noon)
If you are attending the second week only the camp registration will be 3 PM on the Sunday July 24th, 2022 and will end on Friday
July 29th at 12:00 PM (noon)
Regardless of which package, you choose, you will need to arrive the day before the camp starts as it will begin by 8 AM on Monday. Registration will start at 3 PM on Sunday of the camp.
If you are sataying during the camp a car rental will be handy as it will allow you to tour the many regions of the area and a trip to Stockholm. Campers will be by and you will not be able to watch at all times. Oftentimes parents come to watch in the evening when we have games and small area games.
Protocols that are in place at the time of the camp as prescribed by the Swedish Department of Public Safety we will adhere to. We will follow protocols closely and keep you informed. Ways to ensure travel is possible are to be fully vaccinated and have a vaccination passport from your region.
We will listen to all the health protocols of the local medical authorities and the government.

Decisions will be made on requirements set down by the local and National Governments.

You get more from this camp! The price of The CHS High Performance Camp has remained the same since it began. It costs more because we are bringing in all these incredibly talented coaches—all in one place at the same time. In addition the cost of the camp includes housing and food. The player pays for all transportation costs to and from the camp. Hopefully the weakened US Dollar will make it even more affordable this year for Europeans. But we are confident that the intangible benefits of getting to know great coaches and make friends with players from around the world will make CHS a unique and valuable experience for all. In addition many players who have attended this CHS camp have received scholarships from NCAA Universities.
In addition to the NCAA and U-Sport coaches on staff, we also have some of the best professional coaches—all of whom have vast experience in the women’s game.
Our student-counselors are all players who have played college hockey. They will be on the ice doing the drills right along side of you. They are great mentors and role models. Some are National team players. They set the tone for the camp and you can hear all about their experiences in college.

  • All hockey equipment, including sticks. We will provide you with jerseys.
  • Athletic wear for pre-game warm-ups and off Ice activities.
  • Toiletries for the camp, enough for your duration of the stay.
  • Anything you would bring to wear at a camp. Keep in mind the temperature in Gyor around this time of year is 27 degrees Celsius during the day and drops down to 15 degrees Celsius at night.  Laundry facilities may be limited.
  • If you are able to, bring an extra set of sharp blades for your skates as sharpening facilities may not be open when you need them.
  • CHS Apparel will be sold at the Camp
For Campers who are with us during the High-Performance Camp for either the 8-day or 15-day package, 3 meals will be provided for every full day. We will also have evening snacks available for players. Each room is equipped with a fridge so we encourage players to bring snacks with them or money to purchase snacks once they arrive. These camps are very active and we realize that each player has different eating habits and requirements. If there are any dietary concerns regarding allergies etc… please notify us as if you have any dietary issues.
A. First and foremost, CHS Sweden is a true girls high-performance camp. It is all about developing skills, immersing players in a competitive mindset, and encouraging a deeper understanding of the total game of hockey. We are confident that players will see rapid improvement in their game in just two weeks of the camp. Many players attend who have no desire to play in the NCAA. They come to us for their continued development and the challenging atmosphere and many go on to play for their National Teams, in the SDHL, EWHL, and other leagues.

CHS employs a multi-disciplinary method of instruction. This includes approximately 4 hours of on-ice instruction, one or two sessions of off-ice speed agility and quickness training, hockey theory and competitive games. On some days, we will have a shooting and scoring clinic, a specialized defense clinic, a tactical awareness session, puck possession skill sets and of course all the skating, edge work and stick handling drills which will bring out the best in all players. We also focus on the mental part of the game, teaching players how to relax and maintain focus during stressful games. This is a demanding camp and players should be prepared for the challenge.

During the camps, there is very little downtime and when there is a break in the day players often choose to relax in their rooms or go for a walk to nearby sites. This can be done in groups and with permission from the staff.
CHS thinks the biggest problem in Women’s hockey is development. Far too often players are thrust into game situation without first having developed fundamental competency. This leads to poor performance and lack of confidence. We believe that you learn best when you are having fun and enjoying the competition. Our experienced coaches know how to incorporate fun so that you enjoy and retain the elements that you are being taught. The ages for this camp are 2009 birth year and older. Obviously we put players of similar ages and skills in groups where they can be pushed and can be successful. This camp tends to attract serious players and many who are either trying out for their national U18 team or those who have made that team and now hope to advance to the next level. If you are a dedicated, passionate hockey player and committed to personal success, you have a home at CHS Hungary.

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